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About Me

My Own Journey

When I was a teen, I was very analytical and loved philosophy. I became an atheist thinking there was nothing more to this life but what my senses could verify with the scientific method. But there was also a part of me that felt like there surely is something more that can't be seen by the naked eye.


After my first Reiki course, I joined a Reiki share in which people practiced giving energy in a group. My hands heated up a lot when treating the right side of a man I didn't know. He later told me he had chronic kidney stones.


It's then that I felt a drop in my gut, validated in thinking there's an entire other layer to reality that humanity can reach, but in a way that the mind can't comprehend. 


Learning Reiki, other energy work techniques and self-development theory, helped me to start on my own healing journey from childhood trauma and being married to a narcissist.  It helped me find the resources and self-care to leave behind this destructive environment.


Through years of self-work, I've gained:

  • emotional maturity

  • a connection with my body by sensing and inhabiting it fully

  • awareness of my needs and feelings

  • healthy, authentic relationships based on non violent communication and empathic connection


While I’m not perfect, I now have confidence to move through life with the skills and inner wisdom that I need. Besides using the mind, I can also process what’s happening in my physical and emotional body.


This is why I’m so passionate to provide a loving and accepting space for others that was so important for me to begin to heal myself.


I would be honored to accompany you on your journey!




Other Training


Energy Techniques

As you can note from above, my Reiki training was unconventional. Besides the basics of Reiki including symbols and meditation, my courses were months long. They included:


  • theory on the chakras

  • self-development related to each chakra

  • a variety of healing techniques.

Each meeting included hours of hands-on practice with other students.  The list below is a small sample of the techniques I use. I currently create new techniques not listed here to suit the unique needs of each client. 

  • inner child communication (accessing their needs and fears, acnowledging and validating them)

  • cord cutting (removing energetic ties to relationships)

  • ancestral tree healing

  • byosen (congested energy) clearing

  • psychic scanning (reviewing byosen or ailments in the body)

  • From Pauline Sasaki's Quantum Shiatsu

    • tube of light / filling with light

    • energy streaming / energy grid

  • chakras (centers of energy throughout the body)

  • chakra rights (powerful messages of your rights in different areas of your life)

  • chakra textures / testing (checking the current flow and health)

  • expanding chakras

  • rotating chakras

  • marma points

  • regressions (treating memories)

  • sensing energy flow

  • sacred geometry (bringing order to the energy of the chakras)

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