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Need assistance? Before sending an e-mail, check out my answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, get in touch with me and I´d be happy to answer you.



Reiki is a healing practice that dates back to the 1920s in Japan. The word “Reiki” can be interpreted as “life force energy.” It flows within us, and exists outside of us. We are vessels that depend on the balanced flow of life force energy within us in order to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.


When trauma occurs on any of these levels and is not processed optimally, the body will try to make up for the imbalanced system in order to survive, which could lead to disease, distress, or feeling stuck. Receiving Reiki and energy work in a session can help you to deal with stress and suffering, giving you peace and clarity.


You can think of it as a stream, of which there are many in your body. If a storm passes through, then rocks, leaves and branches can begin to block the flow. While nature can eventually clear this over time, it can be hard to live with.


Naturally, we seek relief and clear waters. Reiki and energywork can aid in this process. 

For more information on the energy work techniques I do, click here



In a typical Reiki session, speaking isn't necessary to receive healing. Generally the client is asked to lie down, the Reiki practitioner channels energy to them, and that's that. Feedback is not expected. 

My sessions are different. I combine a discussion to help you get to the root of what you want to work on, apply energy as needed using techniques that are in response to what you most need, and give intuitive feedback based on what I saw to help you take further steps on your healing journey. 

Here are some benefits my clients have mentioned to me as a result of their sessions with me:

  • release of emotions (catharsis)

  • feeling truly seen, heard and understood

  • feeling a shift in life blocks, creating more flow

  • more clarity and confidence in addressing personal issues

  • feeling peace, lightness, relaxation

  • getting in touch with their truth through empathic presence

  • entering a higher vibrational state in which insight and intuition can come in more freely

  • connecting to the body and inner wisdom

  • receiving support to help tackle daily stressors

  • improvement of physical and mental health

  • shining a light on unconscious stories in order to make more conscious choices

Since we are all made of energy, our emotions carry our energetic signature as well. The more uncomfortable ones carry a lower signature, which is why we may experience them as "heavy" in the body. As well, when we're in a lower energetic state, our mind can only see solutions from within the limits of this state. We cannot solve a problem from the same thinking that created it. 

Reiki and energy work can help bring about a shift in vibrational state and consciousness, which can open your eyes to other possible solutions. I can't guarantee any results as I cannot control how your body reacts to the energy. I will say that the great majority of my clients have had overwhelmingly positive results.


Of course, what you do with the higher frequency is within your hands. Just like a talk with a friend can temporarily boost your happiness, your own decisions after that will be yours alone. It all depends on what you want for yourself and your healing journey. 



Life force energy is within and around us. Actually, we are all energy, and all we experience is energy. There are different philosophies on the true nature of reality; are we separate matter? Are we all somehow One?


I don't have a way to prove either, and it's not necessary to give the mind a satisfying answer in order to fully experience the benefits of a session. In the beginning I kept striving for a concrete answer, but as I continued to grow and evolve in my practice, I found that the mind isn't the one doing the work, and it's not necessary to give in to its demands for an answer.


In fact, the mind can sometimes interfere with experiencing the present moment and can distract from it!

What I have found is that the more I listened to my intuition and let my attention direct the energy, my clients have had profound experiences that act as a catalyst for healing.


Somehow, our energies coming together, moving and releasing what's stuck became all the evidence I need to know that time or space can't block the energy of life from expressing itself, no matter where it wants to go. And if you have some doubts, the only satisfying answer can come from direct experience itself.


I invite you to share that experience with me. 



Don't let the word crisis scare you. Let me paint a picture for you of what happens in a session:

Imagine a cup full of water. At the bottom of the cup is a layer of sediment. It lies undisturbed. The water is becoming turbid and stale because of this sediment.


Getting energy work will introduce fresh water into this cup. Naturally, upon the introduction of fresh water, the sediment will become disturbed. It jumps up and makes the water cloudy for a moment before becoming crystal clear. 

Likewise, getting energy work done can sometimes cause aches and pains to appear, cause heavyness or tiredness, bring up emotions that you might not understand, or bring up memories. All of this is a very good sign that healing is occuring, and you're being given the opportunity to revisit things you didn't finish processing. 

Though sometimes it can be uncomfortable, it's only temporary, and generally lasts two to three days. Not everyone experiences a healing crisis, but it's important to mention.


Any aftereffect that you have from the session is "correct" in the sense that it's a natural response from your body to receiving a higher frequency of energy than it's accustomed to. 



Our session will take place over video call with Jitsi Meet. We will greet each other and introduce ourselves first, and have a chat about what you feel is alive in you that wants to come forth.


If there's a problem you want to give attention to, we can talk together about the feelings and unmet needs you have. You can share the details you feel comfortable sharing.


Once we pinpoint what we want to focus on for the session, we might go into a guided meditation, or if the feeling is already arising strongly, we can go directly to the session as you are already in touch with it. 

In the second part of the session I invite you to lie down as we shut off the audio and video, and I will channel energy to you for 25-30 minutes, depending on what you need. I may use a variety of techniques, responding what your energy body, mental body or emotional body ask for. 

In the third part of the session, we'll come back to audio and video, and we'll talk about your experience before I share what I was able to see and what information I received through my clairvoyance and claircognizance. Often the inner child also has a message for you, but I can't guarantee this as they come of their own accord.


I'll mention one or two main themes that will give you insight into the nature of what's happening energetically for you to lead you to deeper self-knowledge and insight, and answer any questions to make sure you feel you understand what we did together. I also provide some suggestions or resources that may help you advance further on your healing journey. 



Everyone's reaction is different to receiving energy. Many have felt buzzing, tingling, heavyness, softness, warmth, cold, a wind sensation, or simply feelings of relaxation. Some fall asleep because of the increased relaxation!

You may feel a lot or not feel much, but see colors or have memories, feelings or visions come up. How you personally react will depend on your unique disposition to the higher energetic frequency. 



Make sure to set aside two hours for the session. Sometimes we might run a little over time, but also give yourself time to integrate after moving around a lot of energy. 


Be sure that you will have privacy and be undisturbed for the duration of the session. Try to limit distractions.


Have a place to lie down, and make sure it's within hearing and speaking distance of the microphone you're using. (computer or phone) If it's necessary to do a guided meditation, I might ask you questions while you're lying down.


Have a light sheet or blanket to put on you when you lie down for your comfort. The body temperature tends to go down a bit when we are at rest. You can also choose music to listen to if you like. 

If you're accessing the session by computer, you can simply click the link that's provided to you upon booking the session. If you plan to use your phone, you'll need to download the jitsi meet app by clicking this link

Please make sure that your technology is working correctly, that you have a good internet speed to have a video call with no lag, and that your microphone or earbuds are working. You can read more about my policy about technical issues during a session on my Policies page

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