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The Power of the Chakra System: A Guide and Intuitive Map of your Being

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Are you curious about how the energy in your body can affect how you experience life, and vice versa? Read on for a quick and simple breakdown of the meanings of these energetic centers.

The Chakra System

The 7 chakras are the main psychological energy centers of the body, which distribute our life force energy within our system. They are located along the spine, and maps with the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that controls non-conscious bodily functions). Understanding these energy centers gives us a model of how our experience and how the mind interprets it can affect both mind and body.

We come into the world whole, but life experiences cause us to create programs and patterns of protection that create disconnection from our inner truth. Eventually, they can become unhealthy adaptations that outgrow their usefulness.

The chakra system can be a useful tool to map and explore the areas of our lives or self that are robust, and which ones can use some tending and attention.

Though the chakra system originally arose as part of ancient Hinduism, the modern Western chakra system is quite different. I personally use them as points of access for psychological truths. It's not necessary to practice this religion to use this as a blueprint for our energetic system.

This is a quick guide and by no means extensive! But if you're interested in a deeper exploration, comment below and I can spotlight each center in a longer post.

Root Chakra image.

The Root Chakra : The Right to Be and to Have

Location: the base of the spine
Emotional issues: survival, finances, basic needs, material possessions, taking up space, groundedness, embodiment and connection to the physical body, family and tribe, a feeling of belonging or home
Physical associations: spine, legs, rectum, arms, circulatory system

The Sacral Chakra: The Right to Feel

Location: lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in
Emotional issues: connection with the self and others, relationships, emotions, passion, play, inspiration, creativity, beauty, mother issues, pleasure and sexuality
Physical associations: reproductive organs, kidneys, bowels, immune system

The Solar Plexus Chakra: The Right to Act

Location: upper abdomen in the stomach area
Emotional issues: roles and labels, power balance in relationships, ability to exercise and manifest will, honoring personal values, taking steps to accomplish goals, self-protection and asserting boundaries, empowerment, courage, self-esteem, competency
Physical associations: central nervous system, pancreas, liver, digestive tract, skin

The Heart Chakra : The Right to Love and Be Loved

Location: center of chest just above heart
Emotional issues: acceptance, compassion, love, joy, vulnerability, grief
Physical associations: heart, thymus, lower lungs, circulatory system, immune system

The Throat Chakra : The Right to Speak and Be Heard

Location: throat
Emotional issues: communication, speaking your truth, being heard, self-expression, identity and concept of self, filter of "what we can swallow" of reality
Physical associations: thyroid, respiratory system, teeth, vocal cords

The Third Eye Chakra : The Right to See

Location: forehead between the eyes
Emotional issues: intuition, imagination, attention, perspective, discernment, illusions vs. clarity
Physical associations: pituitary gland, eyes, sinuses

The Crown Chakra : The Right to Know and Understand

Location: the very top of and above the head
Emotional issues: connection to something greater than ourselves, oneness, collective unconscious, release of psychological or physical attachments, spirituality, connection to the divine
Physical associations: pineal gland, brain, nervous system


If you're interested in doing a revision of the state of your chakras to get insight and clarity into areas of your life, as well as a boost of energy to help their healthy functioning, you can book a chakra reading and tune-up with me. You'll receive a full written report on the state of each chakra.

The information above is also available as a one page reference guide. This is perfect for energy healers that would like to incorporate chakra work into their practices.

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