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I’ve had many Reiki treatments and have also learned to do Reiki healing myself. However, nothing comes close to the value that I got out of a healing session with Christina. Whilst I respect the traditional practice of Reiki, I’ve often found the lack feedback from formal treatments a bit frustrating. It’s true that I felt better after, but there was never any advice offered on other things that might help my healing. This is where Christina’s practice massively differed. Not only did I receive a beautifully deep healing treatment, she also made several suggestions on what she felt would help me heal.


Whilst she made it clear that she’s not a doctor and cannot diagnose, her findings and what she shared with me were spot on. She correctly identified the area where I’m in pain and for the first time in over a year, after nothing but dead ends with doctors, I actually understand what the pain is.


Some very traumatic issues were discussed. I really appreciated that throughout the appointment she was kind, attentive and I felt she was deeply respectful to me for the traumas that were difficult to bring up. I felt like I was genuinely listened to, my pain was valid and that I was in no way judged.


She’s an incredibly gifted healer whose incredibly generous with her wisdom and experience. She has shared many tips which has deepened my own Reiki practice.

Emma G.

Christina is an incredible healer!  My experience was seamless and surprising -- she helped release emotions that had been suppressed since childhood -- the shift was palpable and freeing.  Christina worked expertly to remove energy blocks as well.  Energy has started to flow again, making even more healing possible days after the session.  I highly recommend Christina for anyone interested in energy healing.  She really loves what she does and it shows!!

Lucy C.

As a reiki practitioner myself I usually do my own self-healing, but a recent physical health diagnosis and challenging time with my mental health (trauma), I decided to reach out to another healer for my own session. While I know quite a few talented and gifted healers, I can genuinely say that this was one of the best healings I’ve had. I not only had a personable, positive, and overall great session, but I felt definite improvement in both my physical and mental health. Additionally, her follow up advice for healing going forward on my own and insight into my healing journey has proven (and continues to prove) to be accurate and very beneficial.

Dia T.

If at any point in your life you want to examine the theory of divine timing, check out Christina. The connection she established with me went beyond the physical. She managed to detect with laser accuracy, which areas of my energetic body required “patching”, and gave me a very detailed and thoughtful summary and recommendations on how to patch them. Christina is truly an energetic physician. She has mastered the art of bringing union between your energetic being, and your physical being. I highly encourage every human on the planet that is reading this to try out her services, at-least once, before they die.

I pray that she is experienced and remembered as the fruition of positive karma ripening in the minds of all that see her, touch her, hear her, speak with her, remember her, talk about her, and even criticize her.

May they immediately be freed of all spirit harms and doubts.

Muchisimas gracias Christina J

I pray all of your wishes spontaneously come to fruition. 

Angel Fontalvo

My chakra reading session with Christina was absolutely beautiful. She really blew me away with her accuracy about my past and way of being in the world currently; she also gave me things to think about. Our conversation flowed through the chakras quite organically and naturally. 


Before starting the session, I felt kind of groggy and sleepy; during and afterwards, I felt very energized and excited. It definitely gave me an energetic boost that I physically felt. Post-session, I feel clear and calm. 


It’s truly healing to have this kind of validation, especially since she knew nothing about me beforehand. I can talk myself out of listening to myself at times bc I’m such an over thinker, so it’s great to have that other perspective. She’s not stuck in my head 24/7, therefore her insights felt very fresh and clear. I feel that’s the most valuable part of this experience, I believe. 


I would highly recommend this service! Christina truly has a gift! 

Amber L.

The appointment with Christina was enlightening, helping to reaffirm some thoughts I had already had but was unwilling to accept. Having the appointment gave me a clear picture on the way ahead, which will resonate for years to come. Thank you so much!

Mike T.

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